Woah, exactly a month didn’t post a single thing… Had been quite a busy month since the last post though most of the time I’m stressing myself, rushing endless work plus weekend job… Surprisingly, i had quite a number of upsets moments yet i didn’t come to blog to post anything about it. Though I wanted to… 3 to 4 more weeks torture in school, and I’m ready to be off to holiday… This time, holiday though will take quite sometime to regenerate myself from the stress that I have given myself for the past few months, and all the lost hours from my sleeping hours… Might plan to pick up, the least using up brain juice de job like door to door flyers distributor, pay very little but little is better than nothing… Sometime, this kind of job is tiring yet fun and enjoyable… No need to worry about sales made unlike promoters and retail sales girls need… No need to worry if can’t memorize or give wrong information to consumers… Cuz, after working these jobs, retail, Food and Beverage, Call Enquire Officer, all these damm tiring… I’m the kind who take pay, but i take with pride… I will at least to do the minimum…

But recently alot of stuff tempting to buy, regardless gadget, hairdo bla bla… I wanted to get another NDS cuz my one given my dear kame, I pass it to kame’s younger sister le… Sob sob, now dun have… somemore is kame buy for me de gift… Nvm, kame’s younger sister, haiz…. Recently, hair gimme alot of problems, I dun like to give special attention to my hair, yet I juz want it healthy and neat… After e perm, I tell you, currently 40% of my hair ends split… Wanna go for rebonding badly… but abit unwillingly to spend e hard-earned money cuz need to return some ppl about total $210 + $150 = $360… T.T nearly half of my first coming pay… Nvm, haiz now saving my pocket money… but doesn’t seems to save anything end of the day… Headach sia… Hopefully sales will do well plus I realli wish to end the job soon… 2 more weeks to contract ends… which means 4 more days to go…  Den I can have back my Saturday and Sunday to do my school work and my sleeping business with my bed and gui gui… Speaking of Gui Gui, recently that poor dolly keep falling off from sofa ( I recently sleep in living room’s sofa, dunno y ) I keep sending him flying… T.T poor fellow… Haiz, I end here… Tired siaz… Nights


~ by Shiruetto on July 10, 2008.

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