They took away my unhappiness, worries and upsets away…

Have been quite some time since Mr. Scary Old Man has passed away, kind of miss him when I want to clean his cage, he always start running around like I’m going to catch him and cook… XD Well, Mr. Scary Old Man = hamster, hehx… He will only feel safe when I use thick stack of tissue to grab him out from e cage… Quite an old hamster but surprisingly, this Mr. Scary Old Man had bitten a hamster to death b4… SHOCKING!!! but still its still a little life when comes to comparing me and him… Now left with two fatty though they are not realli fat but seems like Auntie Tan keep complaning about their size… hahaz… Da Fei, Xiao Fei but their size onli abit different… I next post den post Xiao Fei pic… ^^

Mr Scary Old Man

Mr Scary Old Man

Mr. Big Fatty

Mr. Big Fatty

Look Up ^^ Mr. Big Fatty

Look Up ^^ Mr. Big Fatty


~ by Shiruetto on May 27, 2008.

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