Gates do not exist with doors that pre-open widely for U

Quite some time from my last post about 7 days if I nt wrong… Hahaz, I’m abit less tense up or maybe should I say stress up… Inspirations come visiting me a few times in week or even within a day, hopefully things brighten up alot, gt inspirations means I’m relaxed for my mind to run around the fields… Too tense up, I always end up nothing but tense up totally… Though my inspirations comes not relating to my current projects, I’m sure will come in handy soon ^^”

Today’s studio project, I came up with some craps in order to keep the ball going between the lecturers and my group members… U know wad crap I spurted out?? 3-D spacious quality shadows O.O meaning something like instead of having urself standing in the centre of a interior tower, u gt shadows!! so u live in shadows, u walk inside shadows… I dunno how I startled with the idea, I was just sitting at a corner daydreaming while my group members just chit-chatting and finding some ideas for group studio project called VI = Vertical Integration.  After my studio project session with the lecturers. On the second thought of my lecturers’ comments, I found 3-D spacious quality shadow is rather a interesting topic to touch on, but before that need to get myself start wondering about my individual work of my “Treasure Hunt” sounds rather a veri childish title, but its actually the same starting approach as VI = Vertical Integration -.-” group project’s name sound so profound, yet individual work …. yucks!! Oh ya, back to the track, ya, I until Wednesday to think of my device or wadever stuff I’m suppose to make which I myself dun even know about it… Unstable process, oh my oh my… but look at the brighter side, so far my project when last min or last few days, most of my studio projects came out with works that I’m quite happy with…

Cabal Online Jr. Blader, Nightingalx


~ by Shiruetto on May 5, 2008.

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