“Stress” and ” Lost” aren’t always the helping words in your dictionary

Great!! but it isn’t a enthusiastic great… its rather the ” so far so good” ‘s great… Things aren’t going very well for me in sch… Ask me why den… Given a project with a given trail to walk, and suppose to take photos at any point of time during the walking, “Observe” and “Spot” are the usual words that I will use if I were to describe this project… Mondays are the days where we combine with the year 1s student, grouping ourselves in a way, its that around 2 year 2s students and 2-3 year 1s students… Thursdays will be the days that we all go individual of the same project, module is called Studio Project… Studio Project are strictly individual works, but this time, the lecturers create this time theme to be ” Treasure Hunt” and ” Vertical Integration”, its actually 2 titles yet same project, different approach, different groups… Vertical Integration = VI, groups both 1st year and 2nd year students together to travel along the same route… Having “great cooperation” with the 1st year students, I couldn’t helped feeling any much less to be stress ( though its natural for design ) and heavily mind-weighted… I know myself that I wasn’t much hardworking either… but at least helloo, I dun like to be made waiting or to be call out for nothing… I made clear to one of the juniors, I dun lose anything, very well since u all not enthusiastic nor interested in doing any work, dun waste my time here, coming early and wait for U all… I dun wan to be hold back, waiting for u all to do any shopping or chatting or even not appearing at all… I clearly stated I’m willing to go the extra miles to bring a extra camera if U dun own one or so… U know that U need to take photos for this project… Good or Bad pictures, its alright… but dun go dog tagging during photo taking exploration… What’s the point of U coming along, if U are just tagging along not doing anything??!! Any powerpoints or hardcopy recording reports, not expecting U all to be doing, but today you all have the cheeks to ask me, Can we juniors not present?? In the first place, U didn’t take part in the photo taking, just 3 4 photos in the veri first photo-taking session outing, and the rest are sitting there waiting work to be done by the others… How relaxing… Come on, U dun learn anything by just looking at us doing all these work… U wouldn’t be able to learn stuff from us either do learn y we took that picture that way either… I realli lost of words towards the juniors, interested or not I’m not caring anymore… U dun make a point to ask me or clarify doubts with me, good luck and god bless U for the rest of ur poly schooling…
The more U learn from the others, the better U can be, cuz the negative stuff, U can learn to avoid, the positive stuff, U can learn or even improve the methods and do a better job…

I dun wish to be harsh at words, I know how it feels to receive these words right at U… Tat’s y I said it once nicely to U, if U dun get the meaning nor to change, I will keep all comments to myself… Only when u ask me, I will only answer but will nt take the next steps to be bother to explain in details…

Maybe in the past, I will still be thick skinned enough to be bother about the others but not anymore… Cuz others just dun appreciate nor to understand ur doings…

Ayu Gonna Cry


~ by Shiruetto on April 28, 2008.

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