Sincerely Apologised brings a smile and wipes away the unhappiness

Well, just briefly summaries about the whole matter…

I did some personal thinking on 19th April 2008, was a bad day I guess… Though that time, I shut myself away from the person that I quarrel, Turtle… I walked around from Jurong Point till I took a MRT to Bugis… I did a lot of crying and thinking in the train… Advise: If u r sad, dun cry in train cuz ppl looks alot and mind alot… >.< veri disturbing!!! One of my friend, which is one of the closest to me now, Penguin after his visit to his godma and grandparents, went over to Bugis and console me… Do feel glad to have him around… and Surprisingly, he took me to MOF, Ministry of Food for deserts… He strike on the dot that deserts does work on me to cheer me up… That night after I went hm and blog my feelings into the website, straight after the post, Turtle read it coincidently… Even though I reject numberous of calls and ignoring his sms, he told me to meet the next morning and I did show up..

He bring a big yellow bag and walk towards me… and sincerely apologized to me from 19th April till 20th April… Inside the bag, there was a box, the box inside are… …

The Box

Sincere Gifts from my Dear

Couldn\'t helped by touching them

Took out the most eye-catching among all

Look more like a origiri

Kawaii, named Xiao Qin

~ by Shiruetto on April 24, 2008.

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