Words can be as dangerous and fatal like icicles piercing through ur heart

Today, I learned something, words can realli veri pleasant yet its can be hurtful… Maybe i’m just being too sensitive to things especially what people says, people who r close to me, people that I treat them importantly… Though, I can pretend it doesn’t affect me or anything… To speak of the truth, it hurts… Even though, I know it might be a passing comment or its might juz some blurt outs… I do feel uncomforted sometimes pain in my heart… Today my heart feels pain, not the worst not the least… Tears today dropped with pain in heart… I ask myself, its just a yelling or throwing temper stuff like tat… Why am I so hurt about it?? I realli dunno y, maybe bcuz this person realli holds some place in my heart…

Fuko Ibuki

~ by Shiruetto on April 20, 2008.

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