Simply Waiting 4 Kureha… …

In the mean time of waiting Kotobukiya’s Kureha, I’m searching for Max Factory’s Kureha… Quite regret that I didn’t took a earlier notice about her from Max Factory… Though knowing that its already out of production at Max Factory, I could only try my luck with 2nd-Hand Figuring Online Shopping… N some Figuring Shops

in Singapore… Did found one in the net that is on sale, but the pricing is too killing… Plus did notice that this owner didn’t took care of her… The Bow that Kureha carried was abit spoilt… T.T

Actually both Kotobukiya and Max Factory had done quite a nice job with Shining Tears’s Kureha… Can’t wait for my Kotobukiya’s Kureha to arrive… But at the same time mean spending $$$… Pocket will burn abit for sure… T.T sob sob… but she is too pretty ( attracting girls as well… OMG!!! I not les dun worry ^^ not that sick after all )

Promotion Poster from Kotobukiya

Kawaii ne… I’m so in love with the Kureha(s) Figuring…

Close Up Shot of Kureha

Close Up Shot of Kotobukiya ‘s Kureha

Max Factory\'s Kureha

Max Factory’s Kureha

~ by Shiruetto on April 10, 2008.

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